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This is where it all starts.

Hey dudes & dudettes!

I´m Annikki, will get back to a proper introduction at some point.

After surviving my going away party (barely) I had to get this blog up and running.

And here it is.

Basically I will write about my work and my adventures in the states.
And I am leaving the 9th of September for NYC.

More info uploaded to the About section in the near future.

Now I am feeling very nostalgic, emptying my apartment, leaving my home street after 4 years. Should I cry? I´ve tried but I can´t, the only reason I will cry for are my amazing friends who I am leaving behind. There´s been so many good times and I am just the luckiest person to have met all these awesome people. I hope after all the “I will come and see you in the states”-comments someone actually will take their ass over there and meet me. But I´ve been here before, everyone was going to come and visit me in Australia, my mum did.

Let an new era begin in the life of Annikki.
P.S. I´ve tried blogging many, many, many times, hope I won´t fail this time.

Oh my outfit at the party, over-doing it.

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