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Finnish. that´s what she said.

Joten päätin tästä päivästä erinäisistä syistä kirjoittaa vain ja ainoastaan suomeksi ja ruotsiksi.
So I will only be writing in finnish from now on. Sorry peeps.

Eikä tämä bloggaaminen nyt ole ihan mun juttu.
Yritän löytää aikaa jostain ja yritän keksiä jännää kirjoitettavaa.
Ei vaan ole ollut fiilistä.
Ehkä tämän jatkuvan limbon takia.
Ja tämä suomeksi kirjoittaminen tuntuu erittäin epäluontevalta.
Löysin kuvan itsestäni jollain uber fanitus sivulla ja alkoi ahdistaa tämä yleinen kirjoittelu.
Joten aion tulevaisuudessa kirjoittaa enemmän hmmm… fiiliksistä.
Tai jotain? katsotaan mitä tästä tulee.

Jag har svårigheter att blogga.
Jag försöker hitta på spännande saker att skriva om.
Jag har bara inte haft lust.
Säkert för den här jämna limbon som håller på att kasta mig hit och dit.
Det känns också konstigt att skriva på finska, svenska går ändå.
Jag hittade en bild på mig på nån fan sida på nätet och blev lite nojig över hur öppen den här sidan är.
Så från denna dag framåt blir det mera om mig själv och hur jag känner mig än om vad jag gör.
Vi får väl se vad som framtiden bär med sig.


Tuesday in pictures.

It’s a limbo.
Now I will sleep.
Did not move yet.






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Carlos, Jorge, Charlie, Juan.

It seems like there is a guy for every little errand.
You can hire Carlos* to look after your house when your gone.
Pick up the mail.
Get a tv from the store that you just bought.
But Carlos won´t do everything.
If you wan´t your washing machine installed, call Juanes.
And Charlie, the one that came over, he works for Juanes, but he doesn´t want´t to do a certain job, he says it´s Juanes job.
So you have to call Juanes.
Oh then we have the broken bikes, for that you call Carlos.
Carlos will pick them up and have them repaired.
Then you have the cleaning lady, Juanita.
Who washed the clothes even though she wasn´t supposed to.
So what to do, tell her off, or hire someone else?

It´s a bit complicated?
I just call my parents.
*The names are changed, and the story a bit over exaggerated.

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Bloc Party – Sunday

Today was Sunday.
We had a day off, sort of.
I had to run some errands.
Had a proper breakfast in this Cuban restaurant, Puerto Sagua.
I was supposed to go to Wellington.
Will do that on my next day off.
Whenever that is.
Will probably move tomorrow.
A couple of blocks away.
To start my work, what I came here for.
A bit nervous.
Today it rained the whole day.
Oh yesterday we went to Vagabond.
A club downtown.
We danced the night away, while one of the band members had a DJ set.
Free beers.
Reminded me of my favorite bar in Helsinki, Bar Loose.
Felt good to do something else.
P.S. It’s my brothers birthday.
Grattis Emppu.
Which makes me miss home.




On the 7th day she rested.

It is saturday.
I want to start working.
For real.
Last night there was a huge thunder storm.
I actually got a bit scared.
Today it´s mostly been raining.
We are at the rehearsal studio, as usual.
But tomorrow we´re having a day off.
I am actually thinking of renting a smaller car and going to Wellington.
To see my parents friends.
They have a finnish sauna!!!!
It all depends on if they have a day off and it´s ok for them.
Would be nice to do a small road trip.
Other than that…
My soul is restless.

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Cheerful Friday.

Today is rough.
Was hard waking up.
A bit under the weather.
I am not always whiny like this.
Restless soul.
Every other day is a good day.
Every other bad.
Life in the US, ay?

Me & the Eagles (Could work as a band name).

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Busy day.

One word.
Finally met the big boss. 
And I remembered why I moved here.
Worth it.
And we got a smart TV delivered to our apartment.
Say what?!
I´m finally starting to figure out the streets of Miami, no need for the GPS in the rapist van much longer.
Other than that, it´s been a long day.
Less than a month and the tour starts.
It´s so bad though, how my mood changes all the time.
It´s part of the process right?
Moving from Europe, Finland to here.
It´s only 5181 miles away.
8339 Kilometers.
Giving up on your whole life.
A leap of faith. Cheesy.

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Too many people.

Involved with doing the same thing.
Confusion in the air.
Makes simple tasks very hard and you just make yourself look stupid.

There was a thunder and lightning yesterday.
I love it. 

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Moments of silence.

About to fall asleep.
It´s almost 6pm.
At the rehearsal studio.
Everyone is concentrated.
Rehearsing their own parts.

Figuring out the Ableton.
Me, on my mac.
Today I got to know that I don´t have to open up an american bank account, which is so good.
Everyone always talks about how “america is the land of opportunity” (or was that back in the day?) but I´ve come to realize that getting started is really difficult. Social security number, bank accounts, sim-cards for the phone (how hard can it be to get 3-4 or 5G?). You have to have a dozen different documents to prove your status and you have to give out all your information and your parents information. And all these weird questions everywhere, it´s like everyone is a suspect, everyone is a potential terrorist.

The future is bright again.
For now…

Today I went for a morning swim. 

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One week.

So yeah I´ve been in the US for one week now.
I guess this “am I really here”-stage went into an “I miss home”-stage.

I´ve been through this before when I lived in Australia, and it´s fine.
I mean, I´ve been so super excited about coming over here that it suddenly hit me. My work hasn´t really started yet officially, I´ve just been assisting the band and I´m the kind of person who likes to work, and likes the stress (to a certain level). Now I´ve been sitting around mostly and feeling a bit useless. So that is probably one reason why I´m a bit homesick. But I know I´ll get over it. It´s just a phase, a normal phase.

There´s a lot of things I still need to figure out.
-US number – done
-social security number – in progress
-bank account – in progress

I´ve been here a week and I´m already driving our huge van, I call it the rapist van.

And I guess there isn´t any signs of the normal “autumn depression”, which often occurs in Finland. It is freakin´hot.
I don´t know why it looks like it´s gonna rain everyday, it doesn´t, it´s just really really humid.
P.S. According to my converter app this is 87.8 °F.

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