Welcome to Miami.


So I´m in Miami now.

Band rehearsals are about to start.
Went to get some gear from Guitar world yesterday and then took some stuff to the Armory Studios, where everything is going down.
It´s in this really cool area and it´s a really cool studio. Gonna be spending a lot of time there.

I´m still in this little “what am I really here”-mode. But I guess I am. I keep being amazed of all the store chains that are here. I keep on asking “WHAT IS THAT?!” and they start explaining, and then I´m like “I wanna go there!”. Haha newbie american.

If you don´t have instagram, you should get it, because I´m really active there, annikateresa.

Guitar World.

The Armory Studios, which used to be a place for Miami Police to store guns and stuff in. Crazy!

The cool chicks and also my roomies. 

The table cloth in the really awesome cuban diner where you get homemade food. 


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