One week.

So yeah I´ve been in the US for one week now.
I guess this “am I really here”-stage went into an “I miss home”-stage.

I´ve been through this before when I lived in Australia, and it´s fine.
I mean, I´ve been so super excited about coming over here that it suddenly hit me. My work hasn´t really started yet officially, I´ve just been assisting the band and I´m the kind of person who likes to work, and likes the stress (to a certain level). Now I´ve been sitting around mostly and feeling a bit useless. So that is probably one reason why I´m a bit homesick. But I know I´ll get over it. It´s just a phase, a normal phase.

There´s a lot of things I still need to figure out.
-US number – done
-social security number – in progress
-bank account – in progress

I´ve been here a week and I´m already driving our huge van, I call it the rapist van.

And I guess there isn´t any signs of the normal “autumn depression”, which often occurs in Finland. It is freakin´hot.
I don´t know why it looks like it´s gonna rain everyday, it doesn´t, it´s just really really humid.
P.S. According to my converter app this is 87.8 °F.

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