Moments of silence.

About to fall asleep.
It´s almost 6pm.
At the rehearsal studio.
Everyone is concentrated.
Rehearsing their own parts.

Figuring out the Ableton.
Me, on my mac.
Today I got to know that I don´t have to open up an american bank account, which is so good.
Everyone always talks about how “america is the land of opportunity” (or was that back in the day?) but I´ve come to realize that getting started is really difficult. Social security number, bank accounts, sim-cards for the phone (how hard can it be to get 3-4 or 5G?). You have to have a dozen different documents to prove your status and you have to give out all your information and your parents information. And all these weird questions everywhere, it´s like everyone is a suspect, everyone is a potential terrorist.

The future is bright again.
For now…

Today I went for a morning swim. 

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