Busy day.

One word.
Finally met the big boss. 
And I remembered why I moved here.
Worth it.
And we got a smart TV delivered to our apartment.
Say what?!
I´m finally starting to figure out the streets of Miami, no need for the GPS in the rapist van much longer.
Other than that, it´s been a long day.
Less than a month and the tour starts.
It´s so bad though, how my mood changes all the time.
It´s part of the process right?
Moving from Europe, Finland to here.
It´s only 5181 miles away.
8339 Kilometers.
Giving up on your whole life.
A leap of faith. Cheesy.

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3 thoughts on “Busy day.

  1. marakatti says:

    braaaaaaa annika!!!!!

  2. Carola says:

    Roligt att läsa din blogg så man vet litet vad du gör. Kiva att hon äntligen krupit ut från sitt ide.

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